what's for dinner : grilled veggie sandwitch with miniature garlic potatos

Sorry posts have been super sparse around here, I have been..... transitioning. And haven't had access to both consistent internet and a consistent kitchen. I know I was trying to do more regular posts but that is on hold for a bit until, well I don't even know when till. I swear it should be soon and hopefully I can do some stuff with this new nomatic state I seem to be finding myself in here.
Anyway, to the dinner. SANDWICHES!!!!

I love them, with layers of grilled onions and peppers. And a good spicy mustard. And if there are teeny tiny potatoes, perfectly crisped around the edges and saturated with garlic-y goodness, yeah then I am totally sold on this meal. Even if it's not very elaborate, or fancy, or even very dinnery. Sometimes one just needs a sandwich. It's comforting in it's simplicity.