Baking: smart cookies

Just putting a normal batch of cookies in the oven, right?
Wrong! These are totally non-normal and awesome cookies. Because they came out of the freezer. But they're homemade. I know it's confusing but just hold onto your hats and I will explain my brilliance. Honestly it was super simple, I just like to make it sound more fancy. I made a big batch of cookie dough and then I took some of it, rolled it up in parchment paper and layered them in a zippered freezer bag. Now, whenever I've got a cookie urge (which does happen more than I'd care to admit) I just take out one packet of cookies, slice off circles (each one make approximately a half dozen cookies) and bake the right up.
And it was a really good batch with fancy vanilla, studded with pecans and chocolate chunks. Yum.