mid-week: three good things

I am going to try to do this each week, three images of nice, good or cheerful things, to help push me through the rest of the week. Wednesdays always seem like the point to get past, and sometimes, well, a little motivation never hurt. So here goes.
One: Someone brought me magnificent flowers. And they are still blooming!

Two: New shiny shoes, note the reflection of the sequins in this pool of sunlight I found on the floor. These were one of my victorious finds at the Oakland Museum Womens Board White Elephant sale which my roommate and I lucked out in catching on it's last day, Sunday afternoon. It was a fantastic warehouse full of junk and goodies intermingled. I also got a few projects, trays to collage and a strange broken belt buckle I plan to turn into a brooch but these shoe just called out to me, in all there shiny glory. I like having fun shoes, it gives you a smile when you look down.

Three: waking up motivated to do something about the bananas going bad in the fruit bowl. Which is nice because it results in a warm batch of banana nut muffins for breakfast. And to bring in to work for some deserving fellow employees, a mid week boost spread around. Win!

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