triumphant mid-week return: oh and three good things

So a thousand apologies for a long long absence. It was not of my own making, per-se, though it did involve some issues with comcast. Everyone knows how long it takes to get someone to come fix an internet problem (it's like they figure if they take long enough you will just give up) so anyway, enough of that, as it's fixed and it's no longer a problem. Yeah!
So, there have been a number of projects which have occurred in the intervening time, which I may not have documented quite as well as I would like, but I will share what I've got, just give me a few days to sort it out and all that. And now some good things to add, just reminders you know.
One: asparagus. Which is, you know, fantastic in general.

Two: Getting back to an old project. When my parents went to Italy over a year ago I decided to make a quilt out of all the yellow fabric I've been collecting. And I decided to make it without a plan, and with pieces one inch or smaller. Because, I mean, that's just such a good, practical and easily executable idea. And of course all those tiny seams. That's real easy. So I finished all the blocks (i.e. they were what seemed a 'reasonable' size) and then, I tried to put a back on them, but it didn't really work and it all got tangled, and stuck and a big big mess.
So I folded it up and stuck it on a shelf and forgot about it. Because that was easier than fixing my mess. Now I should mention, my mother is incredible. And she spent hours slowly picking the tangled stitches out so that I could begin again, or continue rather, without loosing so many many hours worth of tiny tiny seams. And then, on a short visit home she worked with me to get it to a basted-and-ready-for-quilting place. And looking like a quilt. And therefore makes me want to finish it so much more. I know, I know, another project. But what's just one more.

Keep an eye out for updates on it's progress.

Three: last but not least, IT'S RAINING! which is always fantastic. If nothing else the smell. And the shiny wet leaves. And the fact that I get to wear my rainboots. And, well you get the idea. I really like the rain.

Any who, more baking, more projects to come. Just wanted to get myself started up again. Into the habit and all that. Stay tuned.

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