making: zipper necklace

First I would just like to say that I am aware I have absent from this space in the new year. This is not of my own doing however, but rather the blame can be laid at the feet of my delightful computer. It decided to kick the bucket as it were right before the holiday and had to be sent to the computer hospital for repair, rest and recovery. So all I can do is attempt to sneak onto friends computers when they aren't looking to squeak out a quick post. Like this one.
I made brooches out of zippers earlier and they were very fun and I kept receiving compliments on them so I decided to try to use the same technique in another way.

This time I made three different sizes of circles and then attached them to a chain. I backed them with some vinyl I had left over from past projects.

It is a bit heavy but I really like the pattern of spirals. And it is the sort of jewelery that makes a basic t-shirt interesting.

I think I might try next to make bib style peice with many smaller spirals.

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