making: the most amazing thrift find ever!

I just wanted to stop in and wish the world a happy weekend. I am in very high spirits today, being the proud finder of the most fantastical thrift store pot-of-gold EVER! At least in my illustrious and long history of thrifting, this without question is the most amazing thing that I have found. It was as if the thrift gods were looking down from above and decided to place this treasure right at my feet.

I'm sorry, does that say Burberry? Why yes it does! That is right, I found a Burberry trench coat, in pristine condition (minus two minor smudges which can easily be removed with a simple trip to the dry cleaners). As it was a small town thrift store and there was no tag in the coat (all coats $10 unless otherwise marked) I thought, wow, perhaps they just don't know what they have here and I can really score this for such a steal. I tried not to jump up and down and squeal as I tried it on, found that not only did it fit perfectly, but the plaid silk scarf wall balled up in the left pocket! I held my breath as I brought it up to the front, and watched in horror as the ladies there started to tell me that it must be more than just $10 and something about it being marked with sharpie somewhere on the lining showing a different price. I almost gasped at this, because what a shame that would be, to disrespect such a beautiful piece with permanent marker. However, after a fair amount of scrabbling one woman said to the other, "oh well it's not London Fog, so it must be $10..." and proceeded to sell me the coat for a mere tenner.

I have not been able to part with my new coat yet (I am too much in love with it right now) so I have not brought it to a dry cleaner yet but I did spare a moment to look up some similar Burberry pieces online and my jaw dropped a bit at what a RIDICULOUS deal I found. One person on hearing of my thrift victory suggested I sell it for a profit on EBay, however the way I see it, this was a boon granted to me by the thrift store gods and the last thing I should do if I ever want my thrift karma to continue, is sell such a fantastic find. So I am keeping it, and loving it, and hope everyone has a happy weekend, and may you find treasures too!

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