can't think of a whitty title so heres what i've made

Was invited to a Cajun themed dinner party and asked to bring something for dessert. Now what do you make for a Cajun dessert? Everyone seems to connect Cajun food with Lousiana, and more specifically New Orleans. And therefore the first thing that comes to mind to make in benya's, the famous fried dough treat of New Orleans. However the idea of combining myself and hot oil in a frying pan, well lets just say it sounds like a very bad idea. So I searched around for inspiration and kept coming up with recipes for chili chocolate cakes. So I decided to make one of my own without a recipe. Most of them called for about one tablespoon of chili powder so I went with that. I made three low layers and then mixed up a lovely chocolate sort of sauce to spread between them, and pour over the top. So that it could artfully drip down the sides of course. Was very tasty. Not too much of a chili kick but definetly enough to make what would have been a perfectly ok dense chocolate cake a lot more interesting.

Another thing I kept coming across in my searching for ideas was pralines (pronounced PRAAA-leens if you want to be all authentic sounding) which sounded like fun, and very simple when you look at the list of ingrediants, so I thought I would give it a whirl. However it is funny to note that I was not excited about the idea of hot oil with benye's but I was totally thinking it was ok to make my own caramel. Which is very very hot butter and sugar. like 200 plus degrees. I guess I didn't go far eonough with that thought. Or rather didn't think it at all because as my trusty sous-chef/roommate was helping me stir the ever-hotter mixture I was totally unprepared for it getting to the bubbling state. Where the bubbles then burst, spraying me with bits of absurdly hot stuff which would eventually be caramel. It left burns all up my arms. Scars. Ouch. Should have known better, and you've totally got to get all up in there to form the candies. Which means burns all over my fingers as I rearanged the pecans to look not so messy. Still they did tasted fantastic.
And here's a very funny storefront in Scotland. In honor of me laughing at my pain. Burnt fingers and some spicy spicy cake are not the end of the world (thank goodness or considering how much I burn myself the world would have ended about a billion time over!)

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