halloween bits 'n pieces

I know the holiday has come and gone, but it's my favorite (well that's not too accurate, they are all my favorite when they are about to happen or recently experience, cause in a few weeks Thanksgiving will be my fav, just wait and see)and I did some fun things for it so I figured I'd corral a few of them up here.
First, a friend was going to dress up as a cop but she didn't like the badge that came with her costume and asked if I could perhaps craft her up something better. I replied that if she wanted something modest and authentic that perhaps she should seek elsewhere, but that if she wanted something that was sparkly and shiny and more than a little over the top that I was the right girl for the job. She of course replied that she did want something 'bling-y' so to the glitter I went.

I actually made two cause there was a fellow cop that evening. I cut out two shield shapes I sketched on a heavy mat board I had sitting around, and blacked the front back, and edges with a strong black marker (it actually got to my head a bit with all the fumes). Next I cut sightly lopsided stars out of heavy black paper. Then it was time for the glitter. A sort of large disco-ball shaped gold glitter, and a black micro-glitter.
The shield and star were both covered with the traditional grade school method of brushing glue over the surface and then pouring glitter over that and wiggling it around until it stuck. This results in a rather large amount of mess, with glitter all over the place, and in your hair and on the floor. But that's just festive so who cares. Certainly not me. Then I whipped out the hot glue, to attach rhinestones to the edge of the shield, to adhere the star to the front of the badge, and to put a pin closure on the back, so that it could, in fact, be worn. And then I piped on Oakland Vice with metallic puff paint. It was very well received by it's intended recipient.

Next we have our holiday window, or a glimpse of it. We have decided (roommate and I) that it should be just a fluid change from holiday to holiday cause we really like how festive it is. She cut jack-o-lanterns out of brown paper bags and I made a web like net out of twine, with pipe-cleaner spiders lurching in it, and hung bats from the edge of the window. And lastly, I picked up a short string of white mini lights for about two dollars, and drilled holes in some mini sculls and pumpkins to place over the bulbs like little lanterns.

Of course I only had eight of each and at least fifty lights to cover, so I also made copious numbers of little orange and purple (don't know why but purple seems like a Halloween color to me) origami boxes to fit over most of the other lights. The end result was both spooky and super cheerful. Should be easy to transition the lights into a Thanksgiving theme, maybe with more red and gold lanterns? or leaf garlands? hand print paper turkeys? wait and see...

Oh and lastly, no pictures of my costume this year (I was a circus sideshow-painted lady) but here is a fantastic piece of costumery, I give you McFuzzin the traveling fur coat (not real, actually fake shaggy grey monkey fur, just to be specific). McFuzzin was taken from a market in Turkey or Switzerland, can't remember which, and passed from traveler to traveler in the hostels around Europe, until it was passed into my hands at Aphrodite's Palace in Athens. I took it with me on the ferry to Italy (made a good pillow) and wore it around Rome for a few days. This is McFuzzin in all it's glory as I sat on the edge of the Trevi fountain. It was about 95 degrees that day but I will sacrifice a lot for the sake of awesomeness, ant thus, McFuzzin was pulled out for this glorious photo op. Hope all had a spook-tastic Halloween!

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