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I made chocolate chip cookies the other day, but I was craving both sweet and savory and so I came up with a brilliant plan.....
Make the salty!
Now I am not a big salt person. In fact the roommate would happily regale you with tales of my foods need for being salted post cooking due to my stinginess with the spice while I was making it, whatever it was. However, sometimes I want salty and when I want salty I want it bad. So I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies and then I added approximatly two tablespoons of salt to the batter. Now that's a lot of salt it is true, and this was a gamble bacause I easily could have ruined a perfectly good batch of cookies with TOO MUCH SALT. However it ended up working out just great. In fact it was more than great, it was fantastic glorious and unbelievably tasty. Just what I wanted. A soft cookie that falls apart and as the chocolate melts in your mouth you suddenly get a hit of the salt and it's JUST RIGHT.
Anyway as this is nothing I've ever done before and I was really satisfied with the end results I figured I would share my triumph. This is for sure something I will be doing again. Just think I satisfied to taste cravings and only had to clean my mixing bowl once!

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