triumphant return

So, it's been a while. In my defense, I started a new job. Then I moved into a temporary sublet so that I could better hunt the elusive perfect apartment from within the city. That got pretty crazy, with a record high of over twenty apartments in on week, often several in the evening after work and lots of frantic dashing from one neighborhood to another. Luckily, in a hopefully not too surprising twist, I found a fantastic flat in a great part of the city.
It is a beautiful corner building with a gallery downstairs and a big tree outside my window. And while the apartment as a whole was very airy and spacious (much wider than average hallways, tall ceilings, generous windows) my room was the smallest, and came with the bonus of one wall with huge double doors leading to the living room, do there are defiantly some interesting design challenges to conquered in this smaller space, but I've never been one to back down from a challenge so I'll just face those one at a time.
So there has been lots of packing, moving and unpacking going on in my life and while I'm still gradually settling into the space, I figured I would say hello, and no I didn't fall off of the edge of the world and there is a silver lining to all this chaos I just went through in that moving means decorating and renovating and lots of new projects. New projects to share. So I will be documenting each little adventure here as it happens, and perhaps in time I will be forgiven for my temporary absence? Fingers crossed all is forgiven, and now I am going to go unpack another box.

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