Making:celestial party favors

With my friends bachelorette party fast approaching I've been nose-to-the-grindstone trying to finish the last project in time for the festivities. It was asked that I make some sort of accessory for all the attendants like a hair clip or brooch and it was important to come up with an interesting theme of some kind. I've many times seen groups of girls with matching flowers and I just wasn't feeling feathers, and then while trying to come up with things which would justify large amounts of glitter I came up with it.......stars! Fittingly enough the bride and groom to be met at an establishment called moon.

First I cut out what seemed to be a million stars and coated them in glitter. I used one large star as the base of the hairclip, and cut short wire pieces to attach smaller stars to radiating out from the middle. I tried different patterns, there are some that are bigger and some with all the small stars grouped to the side.

I was very happy with the end result, and hopefully the silver will be basic enough to go with what everyone is wearing (don't want to upset anyone or mess up a bridesmaids vegas bachelorette party now do I) but they will serve well as fun party favors and sparkley identifiers for all the girls.

Now of course the beautiful bride to be couldn't be left out of this glittery extravaganza, and while brides at bachelorette parties are typically seen wearing novelty veils of some kind, I figured why not make her a star headpiece too........only bigger! and more sparkles. This was built onto a headband as she has shorter hair and I wanted to make it more elaborate and didn't want to risk it slipping off. I added a small veil in the front onto which I glued more mini rhinestones. Then I misted the whole thing with a thin layer of spray adhesive and shook another layer of smaller iridescent glitter for some more depth and of course added sparkle.

I know it's a bit over the top but I really like glitter. Alot. And I feel like I even help back a bit, I mean I didn't make an enormous moon with shooting star for the top so I think I deserve a pat on the back for staying my own hand when it comes to my desire to make everything just a little bit more........wild. I do love these kinds of projects, where people who know I am 'crafty' come to me with interesting requests and then let me go wild and wield my glitter with pride, it's very rewarding.

So here is to a weekend of frivolity and champagne, and then a lifetime of love for two wonderful people.

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