it's spring! plus some muffins

Don't know if this is just the sunshine playing tricks on me but it sure is beautiful! And very much moved into springtime here (with maybe a hint of summery-ness I mean, I am putting sunscreen on again) and that means tons of green. And one of my favorite snacks. Peas!!!

Also a bit of use-a-whole-bunch-of-stuff-in-the-fridge and something-to-motivate-me-to-get-up-and-go-to-work-on-a-saturday baking.

Muffins specifically, though not created with and sort of plan, just adding as I go. Had lemons and sliced almonds so theres that, and very tangy they are. Hopefully I can foist them off on unsuspecting co-workers tomorrow morning.

And past that, no real plans. Maybe I'll paint a bookshelf or form a rock and roll band, or just lay on the grass in the sun and read. Not sure yet. Happy Weekend!

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