spring rain and experimental pie

It was a chilly spring day, to break up all the super sunny almost summery days that have been rolling past recently, cold enough to warrant some cozy socks of a striped variety.

And since I had an unexpected weekday off (in exchange for working a Saturday) I decided to use it to be all homey and get some stuff done. Like a major errand run and some serious refrigerator restocking (the cupboards were very bare there, to the point where roommate and I were forced-er-needed to get indian take-out) and then an inspired bout of cooking and baking to fill the house with comfort food. First a large pot of soup, with coconut milk and romenesco and chicken among other things.

Then some super flakey and cheese-filled biscuits. I experimented this time with forming them into rounds and then scoring the tops, to better be able to split them into sections and distribute a bit of butter.

This combo resulted in a very cozy and delectable dinner, perfect for a chillier spring day. The rain fell on and off throughout the day, making it all seem even more appropriate of a meal to be cooking. Very tasty. I particularly like having something to dunk in my soup.

Finally there was a bit of pie-action. Spotted some early peaches at the market and just couldn't resist their smell. So I combined them with some pink lady apples (love the color) and made a quick pie. The crust was turning out particularly flaky and uncooperative so I decided to make up a 'leaf' style crust for the top. Seemed to work out ok. And taste good, which is after all, the main goal of any pie.

So now, with errands and some projects finished, and a productive day-off drawing to a close, I am gonna sit and enjoy my pie and a cup of tea, and perhaps a bit more rain. Love that sound.

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  1. looks like the perfect pie for "leaf-peeper season"..... autumn in new england. Let's promise to go there together some day in the fall..pick apples and gorge ourselves on pie. xoxoxoxoxo