rearrange us

This is how I rearrange furniture. My secret tool, I started making them when I was little, and changing my room around every month, in between painting and repainting and taking down wallpaper. Since I was unable to move the larger furniture without help, I would make a map first so that I knew what would fit and had a plan when my assistants arrived.

It was time to move around the living room, the place we spend most of our time (other than the kitchen which, being that everything is bolted to the wall, I am unable to rearrange, or even paint or change the hardware. I try not to think about it) so, what did I do but make a map. We actually realized that we had just sort of plopped everything down when we moved and not ever thought about the fact that it may not have been arranged in the most comfortable and sensible way. So it was time for a change.

And might I say, we have a very large collection of books, and they are just everywhere. At least they are pretty.
And this is how I eat leftovers:

That would be sausage and asparagus crepes with pesto and mozzarella and home fries. It is all about re-purposing stuff so it doesn't seem like leftovers, but something new. Also putting stuff in crepes works out real well. Feels fancy. Yum.

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