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enchillada pie!!!!!!

I have been talking about this mythic epic beast for a while now, a cross between enchilladas and lasagna maybe, with some sort of nightshade veggie (in this case zuccini) all layered and baked to perfection. Well last night was the night, and I would say (seconded by my ever-enthusiastic roommate) it was an unquestionable success. Slay the dragon I did. Cheesy and spicy and full of veggies and ground beef that I cooked in some leftover salsa from the weekend on a whim, and then baked, until all that cheese oozed through all the layers and it was done. I was told by the roommate she could smell it outside. And it smelled good.

I even felt up to a bit of baking, so while this experimental masterpiece was in the oven, I mixed up some cookie dough and rolled it in a sugar and cinnamon mix inspired by snickerdoodles, but judging by the small and pudgy nature of the finished product, I was inspired to call them snickerdudettes. The snickerdoodles smaller and less known distant cousin. But still yummy.

And bite sized at not much more than an inch across. So cute. Over all, a successful Monday if I do say so myself. Which I do.

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  1. zuccinni are not in the nightshade family. peppers, spuds, eggplant and tomatoes are . squash might be in the curcurbit family with other viney things like melons and pumpkins

    and yes, my spelling faculties have left me........