fruit tarts (worth making a second time)

I had to make them twice to get it right (well they were perfectly lovely the first go round but I thought they needed a little something extra so I added sesame seeds to the tart shells and used plums instead of nectarines and more of them so there was a better fruit to pastry ratio. But really anything that has a little bit of this:

(that would be respectable sized pads of butter melting in pans)and this:

(fruit simmering in that glorious butter -plus some cinnimin)and you are on to something good. Cook the fruit until it is shiny and the delightful aroma of warm butter-coated plums floats out into the living room and spoon into some crisp mini tart shells and you've got something spectacular. While also being crisp and fruity and summery, and of course, most importantly, totally appropriate for breakfast.

Plus they looked so cute all lined up. And buying sesame seeds is awesome cause you've got to go to the bulk bins and they are so small and satisfying en mass and make such a charming shhhhhhhhhhh sound as they are scooped up into a bag. Maybe I should use them more often.

I of course was a bit (or more) silly and had to make both things I made go together and be consumed at once (despite them being a strange combination) and so I topped a tart with some ice cream I made. No not vanilla or anything sensible, but orange-cicle chip. Yup, and I put a scoop on my plum tart. And it was fantastic.
Now in the face of an oncoming winter, I give you........................
tree scarves!

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