i baked bread!

That's right, bread. The most ominous, finicky and difficult of all baking creations (at least in my eyes). The thing that cannot be fixed by chocolate frosting or some artful cutting-out of bad parts. It has to rise. Ingredients matter not only in their proportion to each other, but their reaction. They've gotta, like, do stuff. So if you don't get it right it's no bueno. And gluten free bread is a problem area. I am aware of what I'm going up against here. But if you don't try you certainly won't succeed. Therefore, I pulled out the ingredients and got to work.

It wasn't bad for a first try. Not bad at all. Good crust. It even rose though noticeably less than a more glutinous bread. But a good open texture could be seen within the loaf which thrilled me to no end as that's what I most often come across as a problem with store bought gluten free breads. That is their density. I mean like they could totally be used as a doorstop, or to build a brick wall. Not so good for eating. And it's hard to think of it as bread if it can ONLY be eaten when toasted.

So I ate mine fresh, warm from the oven and not toasted at all. And it was quite good. I think next time I may try to go for a flour equation that is lighter on the bean flour cause there was a bit more of taste of garbanzo's that I am partial too but on the whole to a lot else to find as faults with this hear petite loaf.

And I had some a day later with jam and it was still good. Un-toasted. I would call this a victory. Will there be more bread-making in my future? I think so. I may even tackle sourdough. Stay tuned.
Oh yeah and here's some crumbling ancient Greek architecture, to got with the bread. Random I know but I like the picture. And they had bread in Greece. I think. I mean of some kind. So yeah that totally fits or at least I'm just gonna go with it!

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