Mmmmmmm colors..

I made macaroons. And then I decided that they weren't holding together like I wanted them to and I made a new batch a bit more like rice crispy treats and so I melted marshmallows with butter and stirred the coconut into that and it was fantastic. Here you can see the two varieties with colored white chocolate, the colors were used to differentiate the two versions. It was decided that the more unusual marshmallow variety was the winner and will therefor be the recipe I go with for my project. Not to imply that the more classic one was no good at all, it was quite lovely but I can only go with one and the marshmallow-caroons were a bit more interesting as so, we have a winner!
I have also been working on some colorful books. Which were made to fit in some fabulous boxes from work, and will go with some other paper products I am making, in a color coordinated set.
Holiday decorations are being done bit by bit every day, and I made a great string of lights, but I really do wish that I had an enormous sign like this:

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