bruised fruit and note-cards

A very good weekend it was, full of sun and pancakes. Pancakes with strawberrys.

I also made some greeting cards using ONLY materials that I already had.

All packaged up and ready to go for the holiday sale. In December. You can never start building up a stash of stuff for a craft sale too soon. I feel the need to stockpile crafts. Like a squirrel, a crafty squirrel.

I found the jackpot at Berkeley Bowl, tons of last minute fruit, all raspberries and plums and strawberries, so of course I scooped them all up.

And made some strange sort of mad-scientist crazy concoction of fruit with oaty-cake-batter-with-honey poured on top and then baked. And topped with vanilla bean ice cream. Yum and summer fruity yum.
And lastly an ominous picture of a current furniture painting project. What will it be, what are it's intentions? who are it's people? (hint, they are from the ikea family) stay tuned. Thank goodness it's sunny and nice and I have a porch to paint on as well. Many things to be thankful for.

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