long weekend printshop/bakeshop

I decided to be all productive this weekend, since it was so long, and there was so much time to spread around liberally for various pursuits, and start it off with some printing. So I pulled out the ink and rollers and other stuffs.

And proceeded to cover all of my desk, the kitchen table and even onto the floor with prints. Of frames. They will become something, I promise but for now I am just reveling in their mass. I have always appreciated things is large quantities.

I also burned a grilled cheese sandwich. It was actually real tragic cause I had sprung for the classy cheese because I felt the need to pamper myself. With cheese that is. Fear not. I did make another one that turned out just right.

And while there were other 'projects' that went on over the long holiday weekend but in an attempt to not overload this post with too many photos and save some stuff for just-in-case situations, I will finish with one last finger-licking good and very weather inspired er, um, baking project.

But it was super super warm over the weekend, thanks heatwave, and I couldn't stand the idea of the oven being on any more, and I had been wandering around the sun-soaked city for carnival Sunday and was disappointed that its-its in the freezer aisles of every corner liquor stores looked so fantastically delicious and I could not partake (cause of the whole gluten-full cookie thing) and so a plan of action was formed. I though, cookies (check) ice cream (check)

then layer them

and freeze them so they don't dissolve into sad melt-y puddles. And of course, enjoy, very very much.

A perfect sunny-afternoon-on-the-back-porch treat and BONUS stashed away in the freezer is leftovers so they are there whenever you want a cookie and icecream and can't decide which.
Though I a thinking they need to be covered in chocolate. Or at least drizzled or something. Thoughts?

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  1. how about rolling the edges in those mini chocolate chips?