finishing a project and hints of things to come

Remember that lampshade that I started working on or rather spent about five minutes starting and then abandoned for a massively long amount of time? well I finished it! Very exciting to finish something that has been glaringly unfinished in the middle of my living room and now it is complete! check.

I cut out about a million leaf shapes out of tracing paper The same tracing paper I used for the globe lamp which is also in the living room. I thought it would be nice to have them feel similar in materials. And with the lamp on you can see the cut out leaf pattern on the inside of the lamp. Like a surprise.

Also, here is a crust, which will be filled with something. Or rather has been filled with something but is cooling and will be debuted later. Just you wait it's glorious and has chocolate!

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  1. what an absolutely way to enhance light.the shade is perfect