so yes i've been missing but hey look at all the stuff i did

Ok so this feels a bit like a falsehood, to say I've been doing all of this stuff, because in all honesty this is stuff that was done over the course of one afternoon, but, there has been some time from my last post and I have done these things, so I think it's ok to imply at least in a blog title, that they were done over a span of time rather than over the course of six hours.

There was an ominous shadowy painting photo last time I was around. This is a continuation of that project. My roommate unearthed an old weird fake wood bookshelf from a corner of her room and we took it out into the sunshine on the porch to dust it off and revive it's awesomeness, and the only paint I had was these bright colors so I decided to paint it. And then after painting it yellow I decided that it would be cool to paint the outside green over that, and age it with, like sandpaper, or something, like I always see being done on furniture in Country Living type of magazines.

So I did. But I only had steel wool not sandpaper so I had to use that for the 'aging' process. Overall I would say it worked rather well, and we now have another place to put some of our alarming collection of books. Together I think we may be able to start a library....

There was also a fair amount of baking on sunday. A friends tree yields monsterous lemons so I must do something with them. Muffins, I think to myself?

Mini ones with hidden raspberry centers? Sounds like a good plan, especially as the market is still doing it's special prices on near-spoiled fruit, or stuff that's just a little squished but actually tastes best, and why not put them in the middle of a muffin?! Well I for one cannot think of a good reason not to do something like that, and so I did. Put raspberries in the middle of my lemon muffins that is.

Another think I did was make some plum-upside-down cakes. Mini ones again. cause I like to make things small and 'bite sized' so that eating multiples is more, um, justified. They were yummy but needed something more. Some lemons and raspberries cooked down together into a thick jewel-toned sauce? Check!

And this is what that lovely warm-day summery spread of dessert looked like in the end. I love checkered fabric and sunshine with my fruity baked goods. More soon.

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