what's been going on in my kitchen

Very pretty creamy pesto with honey-grilled carrots,

copious amounts of lemon zest muffins,

roasted mini-multi-color potatoes (with carrots, onions and peppers),

raspberry lemon-scone presents,

lots and lots of massive summer salads, with such fantastic colors and crunch,

and last but not least, a sneak peak at one of if not the most exciting thing to come out of my kitchen, possibly every: behold the glory that is the infamous so-intimidating-a-prospect-i-could-not-bring-myself-to-even-contemplate-making-it-for-almost-a-year bacon apple pie. That's right, this is an apple pie with bacon, in a lattice. And baked into the filling as well (just so you know)and maple syrup and little piggies around the edge (I can't believe how fortunate I was to find that cookie cutter in a drawer right before i undertook this epic project). I will leave you with this glorious image, and promises of things to come (bacon-y things) and more photos and projects. And I am going to go bask in the sunshine now!

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