after the lemons given become shortbread cookies.....

....shortbread cookies which refuse to retain their shape and instead crumble when one looks at them, what can one do but make a crumbled cookie crust for nothing less than a cheesecake. And due to the berry selection at the market, it was impossible to keep it from being a cheesecake of the berry persuasion.

With five egg whites ( my arms are very glad I acquired a mini mixer, they can return to their laziness ) and tons and tons of crushed up berries which made the concoction assume such a delightful color. Raspberries mixed into the filling and thinly sliced strawberries lining the bottom of the crumb crust.

This shot of the finished product is oddly glow-y at the top and not too flattering (for the baked good or my photography skills) but it was taken at six am yesterday morning as the cake was a thank you to my father who helped me through an arduous journey and who I was going to be seeing later in the day and could therefore deliver it in person so the result of this very long sentence is please forgive the photograph. Shoddy work I know. But I made a gift cheesecake and that's pretty fantastic.

There was also so much filling I had to make a pan of cheesecake bars of sort. They are a pretty and slightly paler pink (didn't have to be cooked for as long as they were smaller) and very tasty. The creamy berry filling (with bits of larger berry pieces) and the crumbly tart lemon crust, was all very good together.

Oh and this face here, this was why I made a cheesecake gift. I bought a car (note the shocked look on my face) and it was a timely and crazy thing to go to full of choices and decisions. So congratulations to me, as I am now the proud owner of a whooping dose of adulthood (I still say that if I cannot correctly fold a fitted sheet by myself I am not REALLY grown up yet) but overall good stuff cause now I am not terrified to drive to work each day thinking some vital piece will fall off any moment and it is also very pretty. And has automatic windows! win. Plus if you inspire cheesecake to be made you must be pretty great.

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