lifes still giving me lemons

Not only is life giving me lemons, it is practically chucking them my head.

But really what is there to do when you're in this situation but make lemon sherbet. Sherbet is by the way, sugar water (or simple syrup) fruit or fruit juice and beaten egg whites. Yum. Also of course some little crunch lace oat cookies made with butter and brown sugar mixture. Yummy.

And as pulling the photos of sherbet I opened the wrong folder and stumbled upon all of my travel photos. Which are still on my camera. All many thousand of them. I've never truely counted. However I've never been able too take them off my camera, as there are just too many, and my computer is just too old. And even contemplating a few photos makes it stumble and sputter and protest. So until I upgrade the beast (ha!) on my camera they will stay. But to motivate myself to look at them, and maybe start doing something with them, I'm gonna start adding a random trip pic to each post. Plus there's lots of funny ones. Amid the many many cloud pictures. And without further ado, here is random trip picture number one (and bonus: it's ice cream themed!).

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  1. Love the lemons!
    we should make Lemon Chelo!