when life gives you lemons...

...like these beauties here, what do you do but make lemon shortbread.

It was such a pretty batch of ingredients with that zing of yellow zest and lemon juice.

And the leftover extra bits I can just use to make a crust for a cheesecake. You know, hypothetially. I don't plan these things out at all. I swear.

Moving on, I decided to make my minor hat collection (they say that any more than a few which is two or three, and it's a collection, and if that holds true I have an ALARMING number of collections) into art. Or some sort of wall decoration But is didn't want them to be unwearable, as I do wear them, of course, I mean that is what hats are for after all. So I decided to just hang them with clothespins I would somehow attach to the wall, that way they could be unclipped and thrown on my head as I am running out the door (and I always seem to be running out of doors, or even worse, on occasion, into them).

So I pulled out my little mini drill and put a small slanted hole in the back of my wooden clothespins, that would fit a small brad.

Then I nailed the clothespins in some semblance of a pattern, really more random than I would have liked, and clipped all the hats in their place.

And Voila! Now I can see all my hats and therefore wear them, plus they look cool so it's nice to see them all the time.

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