and a recipe?? what's this maddness???

Well sort of. That is some steep misrepresentation and I don't want to lure anyone down a path of lies and deceit. I am writing down what I do and creating recipes as it were, however I am still in the testing stage. Therefore they are not ready for sharing. Apologies.

I would however like to share these muffins, which are the result of my desperate need to use some veggies loitering around over-long in my fridge, specific culprits would be some carrots and zucchinis. What to do? Well if carrot cake and zucchini bread work, why not combine both into a muffin?

Hypothetically sounds a bit weird. Especially if one were to throw in some apple, some oats and coconut and yogurt. This is just getting downright strange.
[please note the use of a measuring cup......this is very exciting stuff]

But then I put the whole mess into muffin tins and into a warm oven and let me tell you it is unfortunate that there isn't some sort of scratch 'n sniff technology developed for the Internet yet cause my apartment smelled so good. I was nearly trying to eat the furniture. Luckily they came out of the oven and were perfectly fluffy and warm and I was very happy in the tummy and pleased that I had written down what I had done, so that I could replicate it at a later date. I'm working on a project which incorporates these recipes (also developing one for scones and another for cheesecake) so that will be around at some point. Fingers crossed. Nice this week is so short and is half over after only two days. Got lots of projects in the works for the weekend. And muffins to see me through the next few days!

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