some minor craftiness

It has been a busy crazy week work-wise and then what with there being an extra day of week-end, well that never seems to work out like one plans. Unless my plan had been to get a super artfully shaped sunburn and some very tired toes and see some back lit by colored lights trees as opposed to actual fireworks. Cause if that had been my plan it would have been working like gangbusters cause that's just how my weekend went down. Well that plus some Chinese food and bits of intermittent thrifting/fleamarketing and such. But the sunburn, well that is certainly not something I ever include in plans. Partially because I acquire them so rarely that I am able to forget how horrible they are in between each occurrence. I shall have to write myself a note.
Anyway I digress, rather majorly actually. I was going to talk about some crafting. As you can see, I am also feeling the need to take artful photos of said previously discussed crafting. Or rather, it's an iffy lighting situation in my apartment at 10:30 pm. But I sort of like the rosy look.

This is a tester for a further project, I will try to get a picture of the finished product on my roommates door (it's her birthday this week and I'm all for festivizing other peoples days-of-birth up the whazoo) but for now here is an in-process photo to give you a hint. A clue. An inkling of what may happen.

And I also made a new batch of cards. Using some strange vellum scored on my behalf from a salvation army in Santa Rosa, and some stamps both hand cut and borrowed from the roommate. I like tying them up in little packets. Very satisfying.

And as a teaser or preview or what-have-you, here is a clue as to what is coming next! This picture here is really just me self-indulgently trying to see how close I could get with my swiftly-decaying camera and stay in focus, but I am excited to announce, that there is a recipe coming with the photos and story. That's right, you heard correctly, I am, for the sake of a future project, actually recording what I do when I bake so that it could (hypothetically) be recreated by me or someone other than me at some later date at some undisclosed location. Whoops sorry, watched too many spy movies recently. Nope no briefcases full of non-sequential bills here, just me cleaning out the vegetable drawer in the fridge and making something magical. No joke.

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