baking: lemon ice cream

Finding myself in hot weather again, after several weeks of very cold summer (we are talking multiple days in a row of sweaters and socks and pirate-ghost-ship fog etc) makes me remember this lemon ice cream I made in the late spring, and how increadable refreshing and zesty it was. I decided to branch out and do a custard base, which is more work (involving cooking milk and adding egg yokes and then straining everything and freezing it before adding it to the lemon flavor mixture of zest and juice and such) but totally worth the effort. Despite adding many more steps and dragging the ice cream making out to a full day long process if you include the time spent waiting for things to cool in the fridge, but was totally worth it. It wasn't a sorbet at all, it was thick and luxuriously creamy like ice cream but not with the normal expected slight lemon flavor, instead it was full of an intense and deleriously delicious explosion of lemon-y goodness.

Conclusion: I can actually love an ice cream that involves no chocolate at all, which I consider to be a monumental accomplishment considering my total devotion to the flavor. Also in closing, thank goodness I found where all the sunshine was hiding! this is what summer is supposed to be like, and I just might have to make another batch of this fantastic freezer treat.

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