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Since I spend an awful lot of time reading blogs I figured it would make a good bit of sense for me to do a little weekly collection of things I liked. Or rather, ideas I want to try, things I would like to try my hand at making or wearing etc. So I will start if off right now, and try to keep it up regularly (fingers crossed) though I have a feeling that the difficult thing will be choosing only three things cause the amount of inspiration out there is rather massive!
First, I saw this recipe for a ricotta cheesecake that looked delightfully rich and creamy, and cheesecakes are notoriously easy to adapt to gluten free.

Secondly, my favorite fashion blogger Kendi (who I check daily for both her great attitude towards remixing clothing, but also for her downright hilarity) did a great take on a pretty top and jeans that make me really wish I had a cute elephant print blouse in my closet.

Lastly, this mother daughter venture, making beautiful, unique serving dishes, made me really want to get my hands on some clay again.

Have a great weekend and may this fog PLEASE lift so I can get just a little bit of summer sun, as it is, after all, August and it just doesn't seem right for me to be wearing this many pairs of socks!

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