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The idea of having fresh warm toaster pastries, or homemade pop tarts, as it were, is alarmingly appealing. The ones in this recipe are filled with chocolate but I think berry would be equally delicious.

It is not surprising that I find it difficult to remember the kinds of summer days when I just throw on a dress and walk out the door considering what the weather has been like around here. Downright October-ish I'd say. But I do remember that when I see photo's like this which make me long for sunshine and the fantastic simplicity of grabbing just one piece of clothing and being comfortable and feel and look great. Today I am missing REAL summer weather. And I really like her dress.

This dresser in Design Sponge home tour was fantastic. The scallop pattern on gray is a charming idea and a great excuse for me to search ohtthttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifut a sweet little chest of drawers to try this out on.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAnd just for a little extra awesome this afternoon, look at this amazing paper installation! The color, the shapes, the overall total fantastic-ness oh-my-goodness-makes-me-so-excited-I-am-having-trouble-using-my-words...... le sigh!

Pretty awesome, am I right?!

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