welcome back me!

So I have been absent for about six months. Shameful I know. Though the fact that no one was clamoring for more makes me feel that perhaps this sabbatical that I took wasn't the end of the world for anyone, and I was the only one feeling disappointed about it. I mean what is the point of all of these photographs I am taking of all the projects I've been doing without somewhere to display them. My little conceited corner of the world where I lay out all my deeds for admiration. Anyway, it's not like during all this time I was not cooking and creating little projects, so really there isn't any reason I can think of not to put them out here.
And with that brilliant train of logic I will follow with some images. Pictures of a project that I finished. Very exciting stuff seeing as this is what I call the four year quilt. Being that I started it the summer after I graduated from University and just now finished it four years later, I find it an impressive accomplishment worth highlighting on this very first inaugural post of this here re-started blog.
I will begin by refreshing memory with a close up of what this quilt started out with. I was going for a crazy quilt patchwork in monotone, trying to mimic the visuals of fields and farms as seen from the air. They always remind me so much of patchwork it made sense to recreate them in fabric. And I've always liked quilts in a limited color family. So I used all yellow, and all sorts of teeny tiny pieces, most being and inch or smaller which is really ridiculous now that I think of it. All of those little tiny seams.

When I started the quilt four years ago I made these big pieces of patchwork, and then got overwhelmed and stopped. Then I took it up a year and a half ago and started ironing and flattening the seams and adding borders to make it into something reasonably sized. Then I gave up again. And finally I took it up again, and was amazed to realize that all that was left to do was put the front and back together and bind the edge.

Really the small amount of work left to be able to have a finished quilt was quite saddening. Like why didn't I do this earlier. It was sitting around so close to done, languishing in a semi-finished state and all I had to do what tidy it up.

And voila! A big bright lovely yellow quilt that looks like what a crazy person would do if they fell into a pile of yellow fabric. So cheerful and happy making. And of course the black and white cat must add herself to the scene as she looks so good on a bright yellow backdrop.

And with one long-overdue finished project under my belt, here's to the beginning, or the re-beginning of a place to document all my little projects and experiments. May the games begin!

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