baking: goat cheese and onion tart

For some reason I couldn't decide if I was craving breakfast-y food for dinner, or more traditional fare and I just had this underlying feeling that I ought to bake something. Because, you know, it's been days since the last time I turned the oven on and that's just wrong. So I ended up on this idea of making an onion tart. I then remembered I had a log of goat cheese I'd bought in a crazy diary spree at the grocery store (five kinds of cheese, yogurt, butter and heavy whipping cream and yes I know I have an obsession but I don't intend to do much about it). Anyway back to the story at hand. There was no particular plan for this dish, and no method of attack it was just executed start to finish like a dance I already knew the steps to. And in a way that's exactly what it was; such simple and familiar steps just combine together like this. So I will tell the tale of how I made this delectable delicacy in just a few simple steps.

First I turned on the oven (maybe 375 ish) then I cut two onions into little skinny pieces and cooked them on low in a little butter with the lid on until they were clear, and then I turned the heat up a touch and browned them. Next I made simple pie or tart crust and pushed it into my pan, in this case a spring form cheesecake pan cause I figured that would make it easier to remove when I was done. I slid the crust in the oven to prebake for about 15 minutes and while that was going on I mixed goat cheese with some of the cream and Greek yogurt I had lying around in the fridge. I also added a ton of dill, and stirred it up until it was smooth and even. After that all there was to do was remove the shell from the oven, fill it with goat cheese filling and the onions I'd already cooked and put it back in the oven for somewhere between 30-35 minutes, I sort of lost track. But the point is, I knew by the smell and sight of it that it was ready. The warm cheese smell became unavoidable in the apartment, and when I opened the oven door the cheese filling was browned and had settled into a firmer consistency. The hardest part of this scrumptious treat was waiting for it to cool to dig in.

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