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It's a gorgeous Saturday (despite some bitingly cold winds here, I'm still determined to dress like it's summer) so you shouldn't be at a computer but outside enjoying it.
However, while I had a moment I wanted to show a little sneak peak here of a bit of my space I've successfully finished, organizing my jewelry. My jewelry collection is rather prolific in it's size and yet I am constantly forgetting what I have and will even forgetting to put anything on at all as it's all packed away. Out of site out of mind and all that. So I needed something that put at least a selection of it in plain view, and this was my solution.
The idea came to me one night when I looked at the dress I'd set aside to wear the following morning with the jewelry I intended to wear with it and I realized that I could use hangers on the wall to display my jewelery. I could even hang my glasses on one as well, since I'm developing such a collection of those too. Here is what I've ended up with.

I used a suit hanger for the necklaces and a skirt hanger with clips for earrings. So far I'm pretty happy with the results and have noticed I am definetly wearing more jewelery so I would say it is a successful project, and one in which I only used what I already had on hand which is nice as well.
More projects are in the works, I will update as I finish things.

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