my new space

For a while, my room in my new apartment looked a lot like this:

In other words there were piles of stuff everywhere and it was a mess of chaos. So i got down to it and decided to wrangle in the crazy. Of course it's still a work in progress, and it is a pretty tight space so it's difficult photograph but I did my best to capture some snaps.

As you may notice, I've put a rolling rack against one wall to hang all my dresses, as I've filled the rooms one closet with my desk. This was a nice solution because I like seeing all the pretty colors and patters, I mean why shouldn't clothes serve as decorations for a room as well as the body? It also worked out well because hidden behind these curtains is a mysterious double door that leads to the living room. I of course decided to block off that doorway as I didn't feel there was any need for it, and my 'closet' rolled into its nook perfectly.

The wall opposite my rainbow organized dress collection is the only real wall in the room (four walls, one is windows, one is the door to the living room, one is the closet/office) so I wanted to do something interesting but not overwhelming on this wall, as it's really my only space for 'display' one might say. I went with a few of my favorite framed pieces, a four leaf clover and a pair of bird wings, all in vintage frames, and what has turned into a collection of wooden embroidery hoops. This is one of those collections I totally didn't set out to collect, it has just sort of become a collection, and I really like them empty I am playing around with the idea of stretching fabric in them as well. In the corner is a light I made by folding origami 'lanterns' out of parchment paper and putting them over white Christmas lights. I like the twinkle of holiday lights, but this dulls them down to a nice year round glow.

I've already shared my closet work space and fun hanger jewelery organizers so that's it for now, like I said the room is small, and I'm trying not to clutter it too much. This is a far more comfortable living situation, and feels much more like 'mine' than the inside of a suitcase. However, I'm sure I will tweak it here and there, and I promise to share those tweaks as they happen.

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