baking: international pie day!

So today is International Pie day, as in March fourteenth, 3/14, 3.14......see how that works? I however forgot this auspicious occasion until someone reminded me as I was leaving work this evening. Which created a bit of petite problemo, as I had zero fruit in the house.

Now one of my favorite things about my new neighborhood is all the little grocery stores. They remind me of some of the smaller neighborhoods I wandered through in different part of Europe, with all lots of delectable looking veggies outside to lure you in. So once I remembered this tasty fact I just made a point of stopping by my favorite one on the way home and picked up blackberries and peaches. Then I took them home, washed them, cut them up and cooked them down with some lemon juice and brown sugar until the smell wafting about the kitchen made my mouth water.

Next I whipped up some dough. Little bit of this, little that, some almond meal, some cinnamon and such. Oh and butter of course. That 's essential.

All that was left was rolling up some little circles, filling them up with fruity goodness and folding them over into little half moons and baking them up. And them consuming them one by one. yum. Happy International Pie day, everyone! Now go make your own pie cause I'm not sure I can spare any of mine.

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