Making:a work space out of a closet

So to me the most important thing for me to have in my living space is a place to work. A desk, office, studio space etc. However, in the new apartment I moved into my room wasn't a whole lot bigger than a bed and so arose the dilemma. Where to put a desk or table? Did I just not have one? or crowd the room further with extraneous furniture which I would inevitably run into and be annoyed by. Nope. It was time for some creative thinking. It was time to look at spaces differently, and in this case that meant looking in the closet. Because the closet in this room was big. Like magical wardrobe with a magical land in it type big.

Well maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but still, it was definitely a place for a cloffice (that's office in a closet for those who don't know the lingo).
So I enlisted my very handy father, who conveniently is a carpenter, cabinet maker and masterful creator of furniture which perfectly fits my spaces. It's not DIY it's HFDIFY (that's handy father does it for you). So we looked at the close (after first removing the garish gold rimmed mirror doors to better access the full space) and made some measurements and then he turned to me and asked how many drawers I wanted on my new desk. Awesome I know. So away he went and then three weeks later he showed up with a truck full of little boxes and various wood pieces which he magically assembled into a monster desk which is perfectly fitted into my massive closet.

Of course when it was first assembled, it was a mess, all piles of boxes and bins of supplies and needing to get everything squared away so for a while it looked a mess. But then I started putting things in the drawers, which are about 20 inches square and can therefore fit a whole heck of a lot of tools and supplies. It might be a bit jumbled in there but look at how much stuff fits! Amazing.

It may not be organized, yet, but just look how much of it fits in there!
Also, while we're discussing drawers, I just need to point out the incredible cuteness that's these drawer pulls. Remember those toy animals I was so enjoying photographing in little nature scenes, well their eventual demise led to this totally awesome way to open some desk drawers. Toy taxidermy at it's finest and a totally charming solution if I do say so myself. And I do say so.

So in conclusion, thanks to some creative thinking and a really skilled father I've got an amazing work space all set up. Now all I've got to do is get to work...

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