...and a happy new year!

So it is a new year, and a good time for a fresh start or several. I know that it's usually not peoples favorite part of the switch from one year to the next but I actually really like making New Years Resolutions. I think of them like as a sort of cosmically charged to do list.
And one of the things on this years list? More consistent blogging. Like post stuff regularly, and without the month long gaps in between.
So here is to new beginnings....

...and fresh starts....

...and fresh juice?

Oh yeah that's right! I decided to pull out all the stops and make a gloriously enormous amount of fresh squeezed orange juice. Well actually it was fresh orange/tangerine and it was super delish. There is something so decadent about real juice, and being able to drink it in massive quantities. Makes me feel rich, and very very pleased with myself.

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