What's for dinner?

And look at me?! Making this whole posting my dinner weekly thing happen. Do I get a prize? Oh year, I got to eat beets, that's the prize.

And such a yummy one too. For dinner this time I had green beans, salad with beets, roasted garlic potatoes (not sure exactly what I did with those potatoes but they smelled fantastic and tasted even better and I most definitely will by trying to recreate that effect in the near future because it was sooooo delicious) and lemon dill chicken. Overall tasty. With a pretty good mix of flavors and reasonably colorful too.

But Let me say, it's not easy to break out of my food routine, it's such an iffy situation. Sometimes you win big, like those glorious potato's, and sometimes not so much. Case in point, the chicken. Not so good, I mean the flavors were there but I botched the cooking time and temperature. However the best thing about mistakes is that you can learn from them. I made chicken again the next day and tweaked things around and it was much better. So, lesson learned with a bonus potato victory.
And hopefully I'll be back, same time same place, just a week later.

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