What's for dinner?

So one of my new goals is to be more creative with my dinners. And, to focus on making them more colorful. I was noticing that there was a lot of blah colors in a lot of past meals, with out a lot of repeats of certain items, also I need to do more vegitables. So I am going to try to post one dinner a week, and aim for more color and more creativity. And I figure if I am on a schedule and have to post, because I promised, I will be more likely to actually do it. So, here's to trying to keep it up. We will see if it works.....
So first we have dinner from yesterday. A green salad, baked sweet potato, and curry risotto. I have of course done salad and sweet potatoes before, but I wanted to do something different with the risotto (and something colorful) so I as I was cooking it I added liberal amounts of curry powder, tumeric and cumin. It ended up having a great amount of flavor and went really well with the sweet potatoes and a little crunch from the salad. Over all worked well. Old favorites with a twist.

First one down and now lets see if I can actually keep this up consistantly. Only time will tell.....

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