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I've finally produced a piece of art! So exciting to finish something.
And what is this I've made you ask? I decided to join with the hundreds of other people and be a part of the Brooklyn Art Museum's sketchbook project, where you get a blank sketchbook and you do whatever you like with it as long as it can be closed down to the original size, and then you send it back to the Museum and they will first tour with it across the country to places like Dallas and San Francisco, where it can be 'checked out' and 'read' by visitors to the mobile library and then be in the permanent collection in Brooklyn. I really like the idea of artist books being part of a library, and thought it would be a good thing the be a part of. So I made one.

I decided to focus on the part of the directions that said 'as long as it closes up to the same size' and make a big accordion that would pull out of the cover. That also provided me with a fun platform to draw over the edges of the page and onto the next. I liked that it could be read page by page or as a whole. I've also always found accordion's appealing for how, hm I think what I am looking for is, sculptural quality. That it stands up on it's own and you can mold it into fun shapes.

Yes I like a good long book (pun intended).

And there it is. I made something. Finished a project, checked something off the 'ole list. Put it in the mail and shipped it off to Brooklyn (fingers crossed that it makes it there unharmed and in one piece. And now I have to wait until it comes through the Bay Area to see it again, though I can track it's progress, they send an email every time it gets checked out. Looking forward to that!

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