this one has heart (pun intended)

So I feel terrible admitting this, but I didn't bake this pie yesterday. Didn't bake it this week or even the month. No in fact I baked this pie LAST YEAR. I know. I've been holding out. Back when I was doing a lot of baking around the holidays and focusing pretty fiercly on pies, I made this glorious speciman and then the post just sat here and I was busy and distracted and I just didn't post anything for a whole month and it gathered dust and sulked and got sad. But I have coerced it out of it's corner and dusted it off and shined it up and conviced it to show it's pretty face so here it is, with a thousand apolagies on the tardiness, the blackberry apple pie.

These apples were from a trip to Mendocino, from my very own tree. Small and sweet if a bit of a pain to cut up for pie, all that coring and all, but totally worth it for the balance they brought to some dark and juicy blackberries.

And as you can see, I decided to do the top crust in hearts, because the filling was turning such a lovely shade of fushia I figured hearts and the color pink would just be so great together.

And they were. Juicy is an understatement, this pie had to be scooped out with a spoon and it didn't make a very attractive slice on the plate but it sure tasted great! And really that's the most important thing.

Also, as a added bonus, cause I feel bad for hiding this away and not sharing this pie before, like maybe back when I made it, here's on of many photos taken on the IAMSTERDAM sculpture by the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. It was very fun to scramble about on and I bet there are a few hundred pictures we took that afternoon, so here's one with my friend Rachel. Now go make a pie. Seriously what's stopping you?

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