what's for dinner: honey roasted carrots and orange ginger chicken

Once again a fork snuck into my dinner picture. I think this may be because I will grab one and start eating before I realize, whoops, I should take a picture of this. Hold your horses, there will be dinner soon, we just got to document this first. Speaking of dinners, this weeks was a lovely take on carrots, roasted with honey and onions alongside my orange-saturated chicken. I also had some simple steamed broccoli (for color and because I could eat broccoli until the cows come home) and rice. Pretty basic but the carrots and chicken had so much flavor that I didn't want to get too complicated and add something else with lots going on. If only carrots really did improve your eyesight I'd be set. Particularly if they were cooked this way. Yum, was like eating candy.

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