making: buisiness cards

I got some buisness cards made, through a free service on a lark after hearing it advertised on Pandora for the umpteenth time I figured, hey why not. However, part of the reason they are free is that they have their own info printed on the back of the cards. No good. However I am a significantly crafty lass am I not so I knew I could come up with some way to cover this up a bit. So I pulled out the ink and a box of smaller lino cuts I had done and started going to town.

And covered the table, resulting in several images, some of which I like better than others, but they definetly make the cards interesting and a little bit more..... me.

And while I had all that stuff out I made little books as well, which are just so cute, as small rainbow things will be. All in all it was very satisfying to use stuff I already had on hand to accomplish something practical. And now I no longer need to scribble my info on the back of a napkin. Ah growing up.

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