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Been busy in the (makeshift) studio. AKA my friends converted kitchen table as my gypsy-ish nature means I currently find myself away from the, um, official studio at this current juncture. But despite my nomaticism, I am still finding myself in a creative way, and there are always projects to finish so I (to quote the glorious Tim Gun) 'Make it work!!' and make a studio space where-ever possible.

And in this case my studio is a kitchen table, and my sewing machine out of the back of my car. But I've got this big stack of cut out triangles, which were intended to eventually become pretty affirmation banners. I've been systematically working my way through the lettering, a tedious and lengthy process that involved lots of old episodes of Project Runway and various cooking shows and now that this portion was done I found myself needing to do all the prep work necessary to sew the onto the ribbons to finish the whole thing.

So that meant going through and cutting all the corners and then folding all of the pennants and cutting all of the ribbon and paper clipping all the letters together in order (this step was very important so I didn't hold them up when they were all sewn together and have a string of gibberish)and then it was time for some vrooooooooooooom power sewing!

Which resulted in all these cheerful banners! Well several of them. Takes a good 20 minutes to sew each one so I am still working my way through the pile but it was a very satisfying work day, and still a work in progress so there will be more updates as the project, well progresses. So look for more updates. I will keep working on this, in between I will be doing some baking for a friends fundraiser (who doesn't like rice crispy treats? whoever that is I just don't trust them) and squeezing all sorts of other things in as well so stay tuned!

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