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Oh look it's the end of yet another week, and while I was so excited to start cooking and dressing for fall last week, now the weather has turned on it's head a few more times and guess what, yesterday I was wearing shorts again! And drinking homemade lemonade! In November. Which is totally bonkers, but I digress.
I think that despite whatever shenanigans the weather is getting up to it is undeniably fall, per the calendar anyway, and therefor that means seasonal foods! These pumpkin pancakes caught my eye, as they would be delightfully warm and cozy making regardless of what the temperature was like outside.

Now I know this is sort of a wear and a create, as technically it is a diy, but I have been looking for a cozy cut-out-necked sweatshirt for a bit now, and this diy made it look so much less slovenly, and yet just as comfy as I was imagining, so now I have another project to add to my uber long to do list. Not to self: pull out your lace collection!

And finally I have this OH MY GOODNESS THIS IS AMAZING whoops I was so excited I slipped into all caps. Apologies. These pieces by Francisca Prieto are actually old books which she has done magical things to. Things which involved folding and layering I am sure, but I have my suspicions that a fair amount of fairy dusk was employed as well cause these are just fabulous! More than fabulous, I don't even have an adequate word. All I know is that my fingers already itch and I am worried that the novel I am currently reading might be ripped to shreds and folded into crazy geometric shapes any minute if I am not able to control myself. I think it is the way she so carefully chose which pages to use where, and integrated the images, and text that were already on them into an image of her own that is so fascinating to me. I do have a thing for people who take old books and turn them into a form so far removed from what they originally were.

And now that I am so very inspired I am going to get right back to work. I'm currently buried under a pile of projects to complete in a short time, so amid copious cups of peppermint tea and not a lot of sleep I am slowly and steadily crossing them off one by one. Hopefully I will have something to show for all these sleepless nights soon and I promise I will share as soon as it amounts to anything worth showing. Fingers crossed....

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