Oh my goodness what a terrible person I am! I've had pictures from Halloween sitting around for nearly two weeks now and after all of that talk about me making all of the components for this silly nurse costume I never actually showed any pictures of what it looked like finished... shame on me. Well I would like to remedy that now and say sorry for having a brain that is so similar to a sieve, so full of holes that something simple like this could slip through. Now if you asked me to name all of Brad and Angelina's children in order and which country they originated from, I could probably do that. I seem to have an unnecessary talent for retaining useless information. But I digress, here is nurse Max:

Oh and I had to include this one as well. We did not find another nurse all night, nor any doctors with whom I could take my photo, however we did spot this super adorable sailor who enthusiastically agreed to take a photo with me.

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