Making: a paint pallet repair

I have been using the same travel watercolor pallet for more than ten years now. It has these small rectangular pans that you are able to pop out which (hypothetically) makes it easy to get replacements when you run out of a color. However it turns out it's not that easy to find the new pans, and after several stops at several different stores I came up dry. Literally. I mean I was completely out of blue and needed to paint me some water scenes so that was just not going to fly. And while several places had suggested I look at ordering online, and I was able to find some refills that would ship, that wasn't gonna do me much good as I had procrastinated and needed blue now!!

So what's a last minute gall to do? Figure out a way to make my own of course! So after minimal experimenting I discovered that I can buy a tube of watercolor paint on the right color, fill the empty pan, smooth it out with a small flat brush and wait approximately 24 hours for it to dry. Turns out this totally works (thank goodness) and I was able to save my own bacon.
So today's lesson I'd, first; don't wait too long to get important supplies, and second; it is possible to figure out a creative way around your supply shortage. In some instances. But don't hold your breath. Next time I may not be as lucky.

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