making: lamp before/after

I am smack dab in the middle of finishing up the color on an illustration project on which I have an impending (though I supposed self imposed) deadline but I figured I could show this Lamp redo that I did a while ago.
I had this very old wooden lamp base that was a nice shape but having been with me through several moves and several houses/apartments (and it was secondhand when I got it as well) it was starting to look downright battered. Covered in various nicks and scratches, with the finish worn off in places, it was looking scraggly and it's lampshade acquired a hole and overall it was just needing a lot of love.

So I spray painted the whole thing (after of course covering up the cord and other electrical components) with several coats of goes-with-everything white. Then I snagged an basic lampshade at Ikea for $3.

Knowing that I wanted some sort of texture and pattern on the lampshade as the base was so simple, I went with a stack of old geological maps I had lying about as my crafty material of choice. And after cutting them into similarly sized strips I folded them into box pleats and sewed them down to make a ruffled paper ribbon of sorts.

Then all that was left to do was glue the ruffles down in a continuous spiral around the lampshade using hot glue (which does tend to be my adhesive material of choice). I started at the bottom with a bit of an overhang so that the lower edge of the lampshade would not show. When I got to the top I used a white twisted rope trim to cover the top edge of the ruffles and make everything look a bit more finished.
The end result looked both clean and much nicer than it's old bedraggled previous life.

I think this would be fun to do at a larger scale, and also perhaps in a really bright color. And I think that it looks particularly cozy at night.

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  1. you are as a light in the darkness.....

    an inspiration to many