making: pleather purse

So I figured since last week I showed you the appliques I was doing for vinyl zippered bags, I should actually show you one of the bags that I made, and how I made it.
It is one of the simplest processes I have ever encountered, honestly, to the point where I just want to make them all the time.
All it takes is two pieces of outside material, two for lining and a zipper. And done. I have been using vinyl, as a similar weight to leather, but much less expensive, and also awesome for it's ability to be cleaned up easily. And here is a bag coming together in slow motion....

So just a few quick steps and there is a super easy bag! I found that it was awesome to carry around as a purse because it fit everything but it doesn't allow me to add all sorts of extra stuff. Which tends to be a problem with me, and results in purses that are packed full of unnecessary things, which leads to a very heavy purse.

You can also check out this tutorial from Design Sponge for a full how to. And think of all the uses for a bag like this, so easy to organize everything! And you know I'm a fan of organizing.

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